Our Beginnings

Naomi and Kelsey met in 2010 as random roommates at a Summer program at Lee University - the college they would attend that Fall. What started as a by chance meeting turned out to be the beginning of a life long friendship - and they ended up living together for the next 5 years! The roommates dubbed their college home "the Nest" and the 6 friends that lived there were affectionately known as "the Birdies."

Years passed, and suddenly they were both graduated, married, having babies, and doing a new phase of life together - stay at home mom life. While this was a dream of their's for so long, and they loved getting to be apart of every moment of their children's lives, they longed for a creative outlet and a side job that allowed them the flexibility to raise their littles.

They never would have imagined what this business would have become - a true source of joy and blessing to all involved! Naomi and Kelsey love seeing the smiles on your faces as you experience the special moments. The first year of business has been one for the books and the "Birdies" are just getting started!

  • Kelsey - Cofounder

    Kelsey is the creative mind behind Birdie + Co. She has a vision for the design element and is a master at executing it. She loves to help clients create the special finishing touches on their events, and is so great at thinking of the little details that mean so much to them. Her goal is to think of all the small things so her clients don’t have to, and to take away the stress of any big event by helping create such beautiful backdrops, and better yet - unforgettable memories.

    While she has a variety of job experiences, Kelsey most recently worked in event planning at the Tennessee Aquarium, and brought a level of experience in this industry that Birdie + Co needed. She creates lasting relationships, shows up for her people, and just overall is a driving force for the company. Kelsey also has years of experience with hand lettering + calligraphy. We utilize this special talent at Birdie + Co frequently.

    Kelsey is happily married and is the mom of two: 4-year old August and 2-year old Owen. She carries so much responsibility as a mom and now small business owner, but does a great job of balancing it all. In her free time, Kelsey leads worship at her church, loves spending time with other mom friends, and is always down for an afternoon sweet treat.

  • Naomi - Cofounder

    Naomi is the brains behind this operation. In fact, starting this official business was her idea. Naomi is a huge behind-the-scenes asset and thrives in front of a spreadsheet or floor plan, creating perfectly to scale models and nit picking every detail to perfection. She’s got the ability to take some crazy ideas and do whatever it takes to make it happen…and make it look easy!

    Before becoming a full time mom to her adorable two-year old twin girls (with another little one on the way!), Naomi spent 7 years as a special education teacher. Her teaching background has been a huge asset in event coordinating - she has no problem putting out the fires that inevitably come up in this business and commands a bridal party with ease. While she’s relatively new to the event world, she has seamlessly made this transition and has definitely entered her natural habitat here!

    When she’s not knee deep in a spreadsheet, balloon order, or woodworking one of our custom backdrops (yes she and her husband also handle all of the power tools), Naomi loves spending time with her family, hosting friends for all the sporting events, and a big bowl of homemade guac.

  • Taylor - Birdie + Co Birmingham Lead

    Taylor is our newest addition to Birdie + Co, but the farthest thing from a new face to the “birdies.” She herself was a birdie in college, along with Naomi and Kelsey. Taylor brings a positive outlook to everything she is a part of. Most recently, she worked as a social worker at a local Christian-based adoption agency. She has the purest heart for helping others. She is now a full time mom to her one-year old little boy, and she has another little guy on the way! Taylor’s fast-paced energy and willingness to jump in and help in any way she can is one of her greatest assets to this company. In her free time, Taylor loves spending time with her tight-knit group of friends, is always traveling to new places, and somehow finds time to makes incredible custom sugar cookies. Birdie + Co Birmingham is lucky to have her!

  • Alyssa - Event Planner/Stylist

    Alyssa has a unique set of strengths in the event planning world; it all comes naturally to her! She has an eye for design and thrives on working within a tight budget. She is the queen of DIY, which is such an asset to Birdie + Co. Alyssa most recently was an elementary education teacher. The planning and organization that goes along with teaching is definitely a strength that she brings to our team here at B+C. She is a go-getter, willing to help in any way she can, and she loves seeing the final product come to fruition. She is also a full time mom to two sweet kiddos, ages 4 and 2. In her spare time, Alyssa loves any excuse to host a themed party, traveling with her family, and whipping up some amazing custom cakes for any occasion. Birdie + Co is better because of the amount of talent Alyssa brings to our team!

  • Brooke - Event Planner/Stylist

    Brooke was our first “assistant” here at Birdie + Co. She is eager to learn and help in any way she can. We still aren’t convinced we have discovered all that Brooke is capable of, because she keeps surprising us with her creative abilities. Whether it’s putting together perfectly sized balloon clusters, lifting heavy backdrops, or putting floral arrangements together, Brooke is another go-getter. She most recently worked for Fellowship of Christian Athletes as an Area Rep. She is newly married and loves to travel with her husband, spending time with her niece and nephews, and recording singles with her brother (did we mention she has an incredible voice?!). Birdie + Co is so lucky to have Brooke!